Plant Manager – West Palm Beach, FL


Under the direction of the Vice President of Operations – NEFCO; plan, direct and manage all plant operations.


Respond directly and/or On-call response to alarms at the Biosolids Processing Facility.

Supervise, direct activities and set priorities of the plant’s Office Manager / Administrative Assistant.

Supervise and coordinate major repairs of equipment and machinery.

Supervise the work of subordinates through scheduling; assigning; reviewing work; provide training; counseling; and evaluation of performance.

Train subordinates in all aspects of their job functions and responsibilities to achieve unit’s and organization’s goals.

Monitor, analyze, and maintain responsibility for all aspects of the Biosolids Facility’s operations and maintenance for compliance with contractual and permit specifications.

Conduct facility inspections with regulatory program enforcement officers; insurance firms; and contractual representatives to ensure compliance with periodic inspections and all permit specifications.

Prepare and/or review daily; weekly; monthly; quarterly; and annual reports to ensure accuracy of the report.  Ensure that all deviations from contractual and/or permit standards are properly documented, and that corrective actions are implemented.  Maintain open communication regarding these issues with the Vice President of Operations – NEFCO.

Communicate regularly with NEFCO’s Vice President of Operations on all significant issues, including; personnel, SWA relations, production problems, equipment reliability, unplanned costs, product marketing and any other issues of importance.

Review with Senior Chief and Chief Mechanics all non-functioning equipment.  Coordinate and supervise the repairs to ensure equipment is returned to service in a timely manner to minimize any production delay.

Develop, review and update standard operating procedures (SOP’s) for facility processes, safety, and emergency conditions to ensure proper, efficient and safe operations.

Assess facility needs and prepares, or assists in preparing, technical specifications for operating equipment and services in accordance with all regulations and procedures pertaining to the procurement process.

Research the newest equipment and most current systems to improve efficiency of plant operation.

Monitor status of allocated funds & budgets for Biosolids Facility through regular review of expenditures.

Tighten the budget where needed to remain within the approved limits and budgets.

Serve as the custodian of record for all fiscal assets located at the facility.  Maintain responsibility for conducting in-house inventories and accounting of all assets.

Plan for and make recommendations to the biennial budgeting process regarding short, medium or long term needs of the Biosolids Processing Facility.

Oversee work performed by contractors; verify that work is performed in accordance with contract terms; reviews payment requests; and approves same.

Through visual observation and unit performance, evaluate the condition of all equipment and systems at the facility.  Anticipate repair and/or replacement needs.  Submit a request for equipment repair and/or replacement.  Follow up on the request to ensure equipment is repaired and/or replaced prior to a system failure.

Establish procedures to minimize any negative impact on Biosolids processes as a result of lack of preventive maintenance.  Direct the operational staff in their responsibilities regarding preventive maintenance including maintaining an active and up-to-date CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) for all assets.

Set agenda and conduct regular staff meetings to disseminate information.

Establish and maintain an effective safety program for all employees so as to minimize accidents.

Enforce all company policies according to the company policy handbook for employees and any other policies established by Management.

Provide timely and effective responses to all issues and concerns relating to the Biosolids Processing Facilities.


Bachelors’ Degree with special emphasis an electrical instrumentation and mechanical systems engineering. Advanced training and education in management desirable.


Minimum of 5 years of relevant experience.

NEFCP offers a competitive salary & excellent benefits including health and dental insurance, life insurance, 401(K).  EOE.

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