Senior Maintenance Mechanic – Springfield, MA


Responsible for supporting the Assistant Facilities Manager (AFM) efforts in the day to day implementation of the policies, procedures and programs that will assure satisfied tenants and well maintained buildings, placing maximum emphasis on positive response to the concerns and needs of the tenants, tenant retention efforts, environmental health and safety, and quality programs in coordination and conjunction with the Owner’s goals and objective.



    • Responsible for the maintenance, and/or repair of facilities.  Also responsible for janitorial or other service operations.
    • Maintain records related to operation of property for business purposes and to meet requirements of all local, state, federal, or other regulations.

With the AFM, shall also prepare, coordinate and ensure that all fire, life safety, and other safety programs are established and followed.


  • Coordinate with Assistant Property Manager to keep a list of complaints and grievances for trending purposes using company approved software.  Responsible, with the assistant property manager, for a positive and prompt response to requests from tenants, consistently assists tenant needs and communication to assure problems are being solved promptly..
  • Assist in the preparation of project reports for management, review status reports including actual to budget project reports prepared by project personnel and modify schedules and plans as required. 


  • With AFM assist in preparation of periodic operating budgets for approval.
  • With the AFM, works closely with design teams, architects, and engineering consultants for tenant build-outs and all capital improvements. Obtains approval before proceeding with any project or expenditure.  Assemble and analyze contract bids and submit bids and recommendations with the AFM and RPM for action and approval.  Direct and coordinate activities of project personnel to ensure projects progress on schedule and within budget.



  1. Reviews, schedules and inspects routine corrective maintenance work completed by maintenance employees and contractors, including preventative maintenance.
  2. Makes move-out inspections, tenant move in inspections and prepares documentation to finalize the required paper work to complete these activities and to bill the appropriate customer or former tenant.


  1. Schedules regular inspections of grounds, buildings, plumbing, electrical fixtures, appliances and major equipment and follows up on making certain these inspections are completed and a written report filed:
    1. checks for appearance and cleanliness of property
    2. checks for structural problems
    3. checks for excessive wear
    4. checks for faulty parts
    5. Life Safety Issues
    6. General Cosmetic Issues
    7. Grounds
  2. Recommends corrective action to AFM and schedules repairs or replacements as necessary only with prior approval.


  1. Must be available for on call emergency maintenance and have working knowledge of electric, water, and gas shutoffs, cleanout traps, fire extinguishers, and fire hydrants.


  1.  Create and maintain an atmosphere which stresses a customer service approach in all activities. Provide regular feedback to the AFM and Regional Property Manager (RPM) on any and all issues relating to the successful operation of the Tech Park.
  2. All items are purchased at best price, considering availability and quality desired.  Parts room is always well maintained.  Bins are labeled and orderly.
    1. Tool, equipment, and truck inventories are completed and maintained at the appropriate levels.  All tools and supplies are accounted for, shrinkage or loss is reported immediately to the RPM.
    2. Company policy is followed 100% of the time as it relates to reporting incidents regarding injuries to persons or damage to real estate assets.
    3. Channels of communication are effective, timely, and professional.
  1. Preventive maintenance programs are effective and organized.  Suggestions and recommendations are given to the AFM to improve the longevity and effectiveness of equipment and systems.
  2. To facilitate good communication and meet other job requirements, the manager shall be required to use a cell phone at all times to respond promptly to emergencies or for other vital communications, except when prior arrangements have been made and approved for vacations or other time off.
  3. May need to make use of their personal vehicle for work related duties; and therefore shall maintain a current valid driver’s license in the state of employment and shall maintain appropriate insurance at all times.
  4. Maintains reliable and consistent attendance.


Minimum of 3 years of relevant experience

High School diploma or equivalent

Appleton Corp offers a competitive salary & excellent benefits including health and dental insurance, life insurance, pension and profit sharing.  EOE.